Privacy Policy

Legal provisions

Oikos Resorts d.o.o. shall try to ensure the accuracy and currency of the data contained on its website using due care in its design, but it does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of such data. All users use the published content at their own risk. Neither Oikos Resorts d.o.o. nor any other legal or natural person who was involved in the creation and design of this website shall be held liable for any damage resulting from the access, use, or inability to use the information on this website or for any errors or shortcomings in its content.

All information and images contained on the website of Oikos Resorts d.o.o. are subject to copyright or other forms of protection of intellectual property within the extent permitted by law. Documents published on this website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes while retaining all of the notices regarding copyright or other rights and may not be copied, reproduced, or otherwise disseminated for commercial purposes. Trademarks and service marks appearing on this website are registered trademarks of Oikos Resorts d.o.o. or it has the right to use them.

Oikos Resorts d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time, in any way, and regardless of the reason without prior notice. In doing so, it does not assume any responsibility for any consequences of these changes.

Privacy protection

Oikos Resorts d.o.o. undertakes to protect the personal data of customers, by collecting only the necessary, basic information about customers / users that is necessary to fulfill our obligations; we inform customers about the use of collected data, we regularly give customers a choice about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not they want their name removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns.

All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to do their job. All our employees and business partners are obliged to respect the terms of privacy protection.

Credit card payment security

Privacy of your data is protected and ensured by the use of SSL encryption. Online billing sites are secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is the process of encrypting data to prevent unauthorized access during its transmission.

This enables the secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between the user’s computer and the WebPay service, and vice versa. WebPay service and financial institutions exchange data using a virtual private network (VPN), which is protected from unauthorized access.

Monri Payment Gateway is certified according to PCI DSS Level 1 security standard prescribed by Visa and Mastercard rules.

The merchant does not store credit card numbers and the numbers are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Methods and conditions of payment

These conditions determine the procedure for booking, payment, delivery and reclamation of products offered on site Websites can be used for your private use without any use fees, and according to the following terms and conditions.

The seller is Oikos Resorts d.o.o., and the customer is a visitor to this site who fills out an electronic order, sends it to the seller and makes payment by credit card or cash on delivery.

Currency conversion statement

All payments will be made in Croatian currency (HRK). The amount charged to your credit card account is converted to your local currency at the association’s exchange rate.

Accommodation booking

Our website offers two ways to book our accommodation.

The first is using the inquiry form whereby we send the user an offer based on their inquiry. The inquiry or our offer alone do not count as a confirmed booking, since the essential condition for the validity of the application is that the booking or our offer are confirmed by the user or buyer. If we do not receive confirmation, it is considered that the booking was never ordered.

In addition to the a forementioned method, our own online booking system also offers the possibility of direct booking (booking only, whereby the buyer enters their credit card information and is charged immediately. In this case, the booking will be confirmed and paid as soon as the buyer completes the payment process.

In the case of online bookings and/or payments, it is considered that the user/buyer reads Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

Online purchase/booking procedure

In the purchase procedure, the user (buyer) can take the following technical steps:

The buyer selects the accommodation.

The buyer selects the number of persons and rooms.

The buyer selects the type of rooms and the price list or package.

The buyer enters the required personal data, credit card information, and reviews the selected booking.

Upon making a booking or purchase, the buyer will receive a message about the booking being made and confirmation of the credit card charge (30% as advance payment) to their email address. The buyer will receive the invoice upon arrival at the reception desk of their destination.

Depending on how they access it, the user can enter the booking system at various steps where the individual booking criteria are already pre-selected.

Ordered products or services are paid online with one of the credit cards: Diners, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.


Submitted bookings are stored electronically on the Property Management System server. The buyer will receive a message containing the contents of the booking to their email address. The buyer may keep the received messages for their own reference. A copy of the purchase contract shall be kept in accordance with the statutory retention period and shall be accessible to the buyer in electronic form following a prior written request.

Pricing and descriptions of packages and services

All prices are in EUR inclusive of VAT and apply at the time of order confirmation. We reserve the right to make mistakes and changes in prices, written text and content descriptions without prior notice. The images are for illustrative purposes and do not always fully reflect the actual situation.

Credit card transaction failure

In the event that the credit card cannot be charged, the system notifies the user that the booking was not successfully completed and the confirmation of the reservation will not be sent to guest email address.


If a price list or package with the cancellation option is selected, the user’s credit card is charged upon confirmation of the booking with 30% of advance payment, which serves as a guarantee for the booking. If a guest cancels his stay 15 days prior the arrival, 30% of advance payment will be returned on his account upon the cancellation confirmation. 

14 days prior guests arrival, reservation becomes nonrefundable and credit card will be charged with 70% of the full amount to the guest credit card. Guest will receive the invoice at the reception desk of the destination. In case guest would like to cancel his reservation within 14 days, paid amount will be retained as late cancellation or non-show fee.


Guests have the right to cancel their bookings free of charge 14 days prior to arrival. If the guest cancels the arrangement 14 days prior to arrival, Oikos Resorts d.o.o. has the right to a reimbursement of the costs arising from the cancellation, which means the full amount of the payment made in the case of payment by credit card via the Internet where the buyer is charged immediately.

In case of cancellation within 14 day prior to arrival, the credit card will be charged for the cancellation – the cost of 100% of the amount of the entire reservation.

Guests must communicate their cancellation by phone or by email to the address

No-show fee

If the announced guest does not come to the booked accommodation (“no-show”) or if he refuses to accept the booked house for unjustified reasons, the credit card will be charged for the no-show fee – the cost of 100% of the amount of the entire reservation.

Other provisions

Oikos Resorts d.o.o. may refuse to fulfil the obligations arising from the booking if they discover that the provided credit card is invalid or that the credit card or booking system are being used fraudulently.

Any disputes between the parties arising out of or in any connection with a booking shall be settled by mutual agreement. Should that prove impossible, the dispute shall be resolved by the competent court in Zagreb.

Final stipulations

The general provisions of purchase or booking via the Internet have the character of a contract. By purchasing or booking, the holder confirms that they are familiar with these general provisions and that they agree with them. Paid funds cannot be returned in cash. VAT is already included in all prices of Oikos Resorts d.o.o. Any disputes arising from these general provisions shall be settled by the competent court in Zagreb.

Use of the data

Oikos Resorts d.o.o. shall safeguard all acquired data on guests in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. It shall be deemed that the guest agrees to the use of this data for the purpose of statistical processing and to be notified about the offer (as previously defined). If the guest does not want this, they may state so when registering.


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