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New State of mind resort


A new STATE OF MIND resort brand where life and soul align

Beach front OIKOS resort Buqez nestles among olive grove on the white dalmatian coast between Biograd na Moru and Šibenik. With unobstructed views of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and the magical islands of Kornati, resort is a hidden gem on a truly unique location with a prime vantage point to disconnect to reconnect, to swim in crystal clear water and enjoy MEMORABLE SUNSETS. The all individual villas resort spreads over an area of 25,000 m2 of minimalist architecture inspired village of whitewashed 72 villas, beach bar and near-by restaurants, healthy way of living activities, unexpected experiences and pure enjoyment of life, in which time becomes infinity.

HOLISTIC RETREAT VILLAS Our calling is creating novel approaches to promoting health, safety, and welfare through design, therefore our natural WOODEN interiors are INSPIRED BY BIOPHILIA, a holistic approach to architecture and sustainable spaces. WHAT IS BIOPHILIC DESIGN? Biophilia (meaning LOVE OF NATURE) suggests that humans possess an innate genetic tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. So, considering the physical, mental, and emotional needs of people, our wooden design use HUMAN-CENTERED APPROACH to address how we live and travel today.


An invitation to be PRESENT Back to the roots with less is more concept, awaking our senses through nature with sustainable architecture.

OIKOS KOVER (new in 2021)

42 m2 + 24 m2 terrace, 4 – 6 persons

From 133€/night


36 m2 + 24 m2 terrace, 4 – 6 persons

From 113€/night

INSPIRED BY nature 4 elements

Air, water, fire and earth, the fundamental four elements of nature are connected to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and material level of our human existence. OIKOS resort was developed to ewoke the fifth element of our existence, our Spirit, the bridge between the body and soul. We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed.

WE CARE, our sustainable travel, health and safety program

A stay in OIKOS resort means unplug and recharge your batteries, enjoy slow living, and SEEING THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. A world that redefines luxury as barefoot luxury experience with a feeling we so desire – of solitude, of being away from it all, but yet a sense of belonging. We encourage BALANCED retreat with back to the roots way of vacation, to realign mind, body and soul. As believers in TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAVEL and "the why" we travel – to escape our routine, to find new inspiration, to learn something about ourselves, and re-discover simple things in life, we SUPPORT LOCAL ECONOMY through breakfast and farmers basket delivery with local products, fully equiped self-catering kitchen to take time and prepare a healthy meal with domestic goods. OIKOS holistic villas resort is a project born out of love for wood and green tourism and as our contribution to the world for more sustainable future for next generations.

Discover the true spirit of Mediterranean

OIKOS resort Buqez will set you up for unique journey, creating within you a memorable experiences of stay, relaxation and rejuvenation in this hidden gem in Croatia. Inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the sea, OIKOS resort combine wide range of services that go beyond the standards for a truly barefoot luxury experience. Enjoy the art sunbathing while absorbing the last sun rays at beach bar sunset lounge.


»Ovdje su moji didovi bacili sidro u more.« Arriving to island of Vrgada, a car-free island with pirate-atmosphere beach bar Hakuna Matata and red sandy beach, located directly across the resort, a sign handwritten in the bay means »Here my grand dads dropped anchor into the sea.« Since beginning of time people developed a deep bond with the land and the sea. You still can feel this bond among Croatians today respecting their natural resources, preserving tradition and apprechiating their rich agriculture area producing wine, olive oil, fruit and vegetables. For a cultural feast there are numerous archaeological and cultural remains delivering authentic experience through Dalmatia's historical and cultural cities intertwined with clear blue sea and a never-ending sunshine.

This place is pure magic. Make no mistake, this is not courtesy. I'm a long time Croatia fan (6th time here), but I wasn't even aware of such place. The center is actually a private area, with it's own super nice beach and a bar. The beach is super with mild access to the water and enough place to fill many even though usually there were like 6-10 people. The house is great - made from wood, with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and absolutely wonderful terrace. The kitchen is really well equipped and it's ready to serve much more than 4-6 people. Air condition works great. One of the bedrooms has a magnificent view - through a huge window you can see a path from the house straight to the beach and just look at the sea all while holding a book and laying on the bed. Speaking about the view the whole place is located on the slope so sitting at the spacious terrace with a cup of coffee you can marvel at the horizon full of sea. If you add the absolute quietness of the place you can feel how it washes off the stress of normal life. If you're looking for a super quality time with your family or just your partner you won't find a better place. It almost feels like some sort of spa for the soul, with the lack of city noises, no random people and empty beach 50m from your house. We're super happy that we spent the holiday of our life here and recommend it to anyone!
from Czech Republic
The eco resort finds itself in a stunning location: a hidden bay in front of the Kornati Islands. The house itself is beautiful and practical: four people are perfectly comfortable. Everything was clean and in place when we arrived. All amenities are provided and the view on the beach is breath taking. There is a reception in the resort to give assistance and, when it is closed, security guards can be found. Moreover, the resort is really quiet. More than everything, the resort was a true oasis of peace and beauty. The sea is crystal clear and the bay is one of the most beautiful we've seen during our stay in Croatia. But, most importantly, the beach was quiet and not crowded at all. In August, everywhere outside the resort was full of people and it was difficult even to find a spot on the beach. At OIKOS resort we did not have any of such issues.
from Germany
Such a wonderful place! You can see the sea from almost every part of the villa. I spent one whole day just sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view, with couple of drinks (btw the bar is also few steps from villa as the sea). You can find here everything, what you need and even something more. Such as paddleboards, underwater scooter (I fell in love with it), snorkelling equipment, small projector - you can’t get bored here. If you hate overcrowded beaches, as me, you will love it here. The beach in front of the villa is almost private. And when you miss people you can take the motor scooter and visit towns (villages) nearby. Perfect vacation in a perfect place!
from Austria


Expect the unexpected


"See you at Sunset" is our invitation to be present, to set an intention for yourself, we provide a space to share your hopes, your purpose, whatever has been manifesting in you.


Rise with the sun, shine through the day, be the beauty who causes even the oceans to stare, and when it’s dark, become the moon amongst stars. As you were born to be.


Yoga is union. Yoga is love. Yoga is peace. Yoga is meditation. Yoga is discipline. Yoga is everyone and everywhere. Yoga and find your balance, your breath, your body, mind, and spirit.


Feel the energies that surround your villa, for they, alongside the memories of your culinary experience, will remain with you long after you return home.
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